It’s time to

Turn your marketing into sales enablement

Get I teach marketing organizations how to be more strategic, agile and innovate while supporting company revenue goals.

Can you remember any B2B Marketing Campaign?

Has any of them enticed an emotional response in you?

If not, you’re not alone. 

The vast majority of B2B marketing speaks only to our brains, but not our hearts.

But imagine for a second,

That you not only connected with your ideal B2B clients, like clockwork, but your content became a 24/7 salesperson, your messaging spoke to all of their pain points (positioning you as a specialist) and instead of you spending countless hours trying to find ready-to-pay clients, they chased after you?

Here is the truth

B2B Marketing is COMPLEX!

From determining your target audience, creating a content stack and cadence, capturing their attention and trying to attribute all of that to sales – your ultimate ROI.

In this attention and data-driven era, sales and marketing must become synonymous. This is often why effective B2B marketing is not that easy to come by. 


I have spent the last 15-years helping startups through Fortune 500 companies earn millions of dollars by boosting sales and marketing productivity and have discovered the reasons many B2B business owners and corporate marketers struggle is because they have broken processes, siloed departments and inefficient systems all attributed to knowledge gaps.

Learn the M³ formula that will transform your brand and reduce your customer acquisition costs up to 20%.

You can’t cash likes or comments at the bank. Learn how to create a profitable marketing strategy WITHOUT a marketing agency

​​​​​​​Find the businesses that need your products/services now – reduce the sales cycle by focusing on ready-to-pay customers


Yunche Wilson

Hey there! My name is Yunche Wilson, creator of B2B Marketing Decoded and Fractional CMO to B2B organizations. I created this course to help business owners and companies transform their B2B marketing, increase their customer base and create predictable sales without a marketing agency in 60 days.

Over the last 15 years, I have worked with some amazing brands such as HP, Microsoft, Hitachi, Indeed and Upwork. I focused on optimizing marketing and sales productivity across the board which in turn helped generate millions of dollars in revenue. 


“Yunche’s in-depth knowledge of marketing and branding helped position my business to succeed even with the disruption and chaos of 2020. They helped reinvigorate my branding and marketing strategy.”


“She is spot on and that is what you look for. Great to work with, great communicator and is a pro in what she does.”


“After working with Yunche for five years on a multitude of projects, I am always impressed with her ability to explain complex concepts on topics unfamiliar to her clients and colleagues. She has an uncanny ability to serve up information in the right context, in the right amount so as to not overwhelm, and with excellent analogies and examples.”


“I watched my brand come to life under her support, and my client acquisition process was streamlined. I wouldn’t be in such a strong position without her expertise and guidance.”


B2B Marketing Decoded Masterclass


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